Ruggedized Military Telephones

  • A large family of ruggedized field military telephones
  • Provide highly reliable line communications for ground, air and naval forces
  • Installed and utilized by armed forces and HLS organizations worldwide

Rugged Public Telephones

  • Family of rugged public telephones
  • Provide a reliable and highly durable communication solutions for such organizations as municipalities, correction facilities/prisons, airports, national parks, etc.
  • Family includes both indoor and outdoor telephones featuring unique anti-tampering enclosures and options for full water resistance.
  • Include advanced features such as keypad and automatic dialing, automatic disconnect, adjustable conversation timer, dual barcode and calling card readers, LCD displays and much more.
  • Peryphon Development’ are deployed throughout the world in airports, correction facilities and other public facilities..

Ruggedized HLS & Industrial Gateways

  • Provide voice and high-speed data communications of images, e-mails, maps and live HD streaming video
  • Integrate a variety of communication functions into single platforms
  • Support fundamental services such as:
  • VoIP mediation
  • Data routing
  • WAN access
  • Voice & data security
  • Third party value-added services applications
  • Smart Recording and Billing Systems

HLS Tactical Gateways

  • Support both modern & legacy/old-post military phones
  • Enable armed forces to upgrade their existing communication systems without having to replace the entire telephone.
  • Billing Systems and Smart Recording

Ruggedized Routers

  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 LAN rugged military switches, routers and gateways
  • Highly ruggedized in full compliance with the strictest MIL-STDs for immersion, vibration, shock and temperatures
  • Support copper and optical interfaces and can be tailored according the client’s specific needs.

Ruggedized Intercom systems

  • Advanced intercom products and systems
  • Designed for various ground, air, sea military and homeland security applications:
  • Intercom systems for a variety of armored combat vehicle platforms such as tanks, APCs, etc.
  • Intercom systems for air defense units- air force installations, anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries etc.
  • Vehicle Intercom Systems
  • Remote Control for RoIP and VHF and UHF Transceivers

Noise Reduction System

  • Developed in cooperation with elite search & rescue units
  • Enable clearer communications in noisy operational environments.
  • Enables rescue personnel hands-free communication, while neutralizing the noise made by the helicopter and wind created by its rotor blades.

Hardware cyber protection solutions

  • 360° protection for telecommunications and data systems installation
  • Provides protection from cyber-physical attacks, intrusion and breach attempts, including:
  • Any attempt to steal the system
  • Any attempt to open the system and its casing
  • Any attempt to connect to the system via its interfaces or remove any of its elements

Loudspeakers & accessories

  • PERYPHON designed and manufacture different type of Active and Passive Loudspeakers.
  • PERYPHON Loudspeakers can be connected to any kind of radios and
    Comm Systems.
  • The Loudspeakers designed to operate in a rush environment condition.
  • Loudspeakers type:
  • Active- 2W, 5W, 10W
  • Passive – with high efficiency and DBSPL.
  • USB – 2W

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