LAN SWITCH & routers

  • Support both modern & legacy/old-post military equipment (end-point devices)
  • Provide voice and high-speed data communication of images, e-mails, maps and live HD streaming video
  • Integrate a variety of communication functions into single platform
  • Support fundamental services such as:
    • VoIP mediation
    • Data routing
    • WAN access
    • Voice & data security
    • Third party value-added services applications
  • Support Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Support copper and optical interfaces

UAV LRU’s Systems

  • Ruggedized components use as apart f UAVs and Drones
  • Control and manage the platform energy resources and provide endurance efficiency
  • Provides control and monitoring capability of the UAV systems

Rugged Computers

  • Broad expertise in engineering, sales, and marketing for Computer Hardware for any kind of environment and different markets such as defense, industrial and medical.
  • Meet any required Mil Standards
  • Provide ruggedized output connectors

Rugged Memory

  • Provide any kind, size and volume of rugged memory for military and HLS use.
  • Meet various Mil Standards and Industrial requirements
  • Used in many operational applications: hand held, vehicle mounted, naval and air platforms

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