Formtest Solutions – Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Formtest Solutions Ltd. is part of MIGVAN Group and has been active in the ATE field (boards and systems) since 1993, providing various solutions for a wide variety of customers.

  • Experienced team headed by senior engineers with many years of experience in the ATE industry
  • Strong system engineering abilities: designing the right solution to the customer’s requirement, budget, schedule, and risks.
  • Providing costumers with a complete solution, including electrical, mechanical, and SW development
  • Expertise in all available market products, including components, general test equipment (scopes, analyzers, signal generators, traffic generators, etc.), unique test equipment (like NI, UEI, Marvin Test) and test management software
  • The company has Unique control cards that are used regularly for various projects, and are continually expanded and improved