RF ATE Systems

Integrates RF measuring and calibration devices, as well as custom made RF units, RF switching units and RF cabling

Multi Purpose ATE Systems & ITAs

The Interchangeable Test Adaptors (ITA), attaches the ATE using the Virginia Panel @ receiver/ITA solution.
The ITA uses the ATE resources, together with internal electronics and RF UUT specific resources, to fit the entire system to the UUT.
Multiple ITAs can use the same ATE, thus saving effort and money in designing multiple ATEs .

Compact ATE Systems

Complete ATE in a single piece, such as in a single 19” rackmount drawer or in any form desired.
Compact ATE may comprise of a built in PC, a control system and any of the capabilities of a full scale ATE.

Ruggedized & MIL-810F Systems

Adapting the system to any level of ruggedness, from the unit level to the rack level.
Design any unit to meet the MIL-810F standard for different environment conditions endurance.

Portable Testers

Designing and manufacturing “system in a suitcase”.
Those systems can contain any of Formtest capabilities in a durable and portable case.

Cathodic Protection System

The CPAC system (Cathodic Protection Adaptive Control System) enables a precise automatic control over the Cathodic protection system’s anodes.
CPAC provides the right voltage/current to each anode by an independent and flexible control algorithm.
The CPAC is a flexible system, easily adapted to all kind of sites, regardless of the site’s physical size or the amount of anodes it contains.
Comprised from 3 major units, enabling it to measure the reference electrodes potential, apply the control algorithm, and induce the proper voltage/current on the anodes

RF Switching

The RF circuits can be fully designed by Formtest.
The design includes theoretical calculation, analysis and simulation.
Fully test the modules in frequencies of up to 18GHz.
The RF modules can be controlled by LAN, USB or any serial or parallel interface.
PXI module controlled directly by the PXI bus.

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